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Collection Services

Quantifi's Collection Services

Recover with Respect: Transforming Collections into Positive Customer Experiences

At Quantifi, we redefine collections. Our approach to debt recovery is grounded in respect, empathy, and effective communication. By partnering with the nation's leader in collection services, we've developed a method that prioritizes human connection while achieving remarkable recovery rates. Our service is designed for businesses that value their customer relationships and seek a more compassionate approach to collections.

Experience a New Era of Collection Services with Quantifi. Contact Us for Compassionate and Effective Solutions.

  • Acting as Your Representative: We assume the role of your organization to facilitate the settlement of overdue payments, preventing service termination or extra fees.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our focus is on maintaining your customer relations while efficiently managing overdue accounts.

First Party Collection:

  • Settling Written-Off Debts: Assisting in the recovery of past-due payments from former customers.

  • Professional and Tactful: Our approach ensures a balance between firmness and respect, maximizing recovery while maintaining goodwill.

Third-Party Collections:

  • Leased Equipment Retrieval: We encourage your clients to utilize self-help return options for leased equipment recovery.

  • Protecting Customer Relationships: Our strategies aim to recover assets effectively while preserving the relationship with your customers.

Asset Recovery:

  • Diverse Touchpoints: Using emails, voicemails, texts, postcards, and letters to reach out.

  • Effective Recovery: Our multi-faceted approach increases the chances of successful recovery.

Multi-Channel Communication:

Manage unpaid invoices

Empathetic and Effective Recovery:

Our collection approach moves beyond scripts for genuine, empathetic dialogues, prioritizing respect and dignity in every customer interaction.

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